About the Music:

Hardee Myer

  • Kelly Goddard - Guitar & Vocals
  • Danny Goddard - Guitar/whatever & Vocals
  • Brian Durham - Bass & Vocals
  • craig daniel hardin - Guitar & Vocals
  • Fred Figueroa - Guitar, harmonica & Vocals
  • Carly Bak - Guitar & Vocals
  • Kevan McCann- Bass & Vocals
  • Hardee Myer - Guitar & Vocals
The New 76ers are an acoustic folk "family" trio. Our sound comes from a collective respect for acoustic and electric music. Being family, we rely on instincts to meld the vocals into harmonies and let them take the spotlight. Deep-rooted in southern musical heritage, our original music aspires to move you, physically and spiritually. Our mission is to give love through our music, and in this sense, we consider ourselves revolutionaries, hence the name. We believe that music is a force to compel change, and we strive to let our music speak for itself.
With her powerful gutsy folk/blues voice, Carly Bak brings light to her original songs telling stories from her childhood infatuation with nature and her love of music, folklore and watching people.
Delivering songs of his north central Florida heritage, craig daniel hardin adds a current yet rooted sound and conscience with his singing and songwriting.
As the anchoring musical force of Sabal, Fred Figueroa showcases his talent through harmonica and guitar which adds to the eclectic influences that make the sounds of Sabal.
The addition of Kevan McCann brings depth to the sound of Sabal with his dulcet bass rhythms which show why he has earned the name, Mr. Smooth.

Hardee is from a musical family where he has been singing all his life. People who know Hardee will tell you that he has the inherent capability of a musical genius, displayed by his knowledge of chords, harmony, song writing and sound systems. His hypnotically beautiful voice stands alone, yet he is always willing to lend harmony to others. He enjoys mentoring young musicians, lending his talent to local groups and collaborating with songwriters on melodies and arrangements. He has written his own songs and co-wrote his most popular “What Florida Means to Me” with friend Jerry Stinson.  On Friday nights he is the heart of the band at Rockbluff Pickin’ Porch.

http://www.acoustichappiness.com http://www.facebook.com/#!/thenew76ers

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